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Saturday, February 26, 2011

fun stuff came in the mail!

I'm having a downer kind of a day.....our furnace quit working, and it sounds like we need a new one..... this one WAS new in 1998, which doesn't seem all that long ago, but I guess stuff happens! It has a cracked heat exchanger, and in this condition, we can not use it at all..... danger of carbon monoxide poisioning...... so in the meantime, we run the gas fireplace, keep the oven on, and use a small space heater...

My friend Julie sent me some fun stuff... It came in the mail today. She hand decorated the envelope.

Inside, there were these fun gift tags! She had been telling me how she had made valentines for the pre-schoolers..... they sounded so neat, and I believe she used the same technique to make these.....

It's made my day a whole lot better! Another good thing......... we are having a wine tasting at our store this afternoon. Nothing like a little wine to warm your toes! :)

1 comment:

joe tulips said...

My stomach was empty enough...the wine tasting made me loopy. what a deal though, we went home with 2 bottles of wine!! They remain unopened.
Have fun using the tags, glad they were a bright spot on a miserable cold day!!