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Monday, May 30, 2011

Charisma top

Charisma top by hammskaren
Charisma top, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

I got the borders sewn on today. This fabric is hard to find! Now to just finish the back........ :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another finish

Best scrappy by hammskaren
Best scrappy, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

I just finished hand sewing the binding on this quilt last night. Then I washed it and ran it through the dryer to give it the "crinkly" look. I think this is my new favorite. The top was pieced back in January. I've had it back from the quilters for quite some time, but have waited to bind it. It is a wedding gift for a friend's daughter. I hope they like it as much as I do! :)

Back of scrappy

Back of scrappy by hammskaren
Back of scrappy, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

Ok....... here's the back

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One last photo......

Loiusiana Mexico sign by hammskaren
Loiusiana Mexico sign, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

This sign always makes me smile.... It's in Missouri, not too far from Hannibal.......:)

Eleanor Burns' shop

Quilt in a Day shop by hammskaren
Quilt in a Day shop, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

Of course it wasn't open yet, but here is a photo f Eleanor Burns' shop in Paducah. We did stop at Hancocks of Paducah, but I didn't take a picture on this trip.


Paducah sign by hammskaren
Paducah sign, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

We spent the night in Paducah on the way to Tennessee. Of course, nothing downtown opened until 10 am, and we really wanted to get on the road before then...

Oakridge Boys

Oakridge Boys by hammskaren
Oakridge Boys, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

The Oakridge Boys performed at the Opry........

Opry sign

Opry sign by hammskaren
Opry sign, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

We went to the Grand Ole Opry. It was at the old Ryman Auditorium - part of the Country Classics Series...

American Pickers van

American Pickers van by hammskaren
American Pickers van, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

Ok..... this is an experiment........ let's see if it's any bigger from flickr....... :)

Back from Tennessee.... well, that was awhile ago...

I have some issues with Blogger...... I suppose it's just me, but I have a lot of trouble posting pictures, getting them to be the size I want, and in the order that I want. We'll see how this goes...Ok..... see what I mean? That picture is way smaller than I want it to be.... It's the van from the TV show "American Pickers". They passed us on our way home from Tennessee. We were back in Iowa; down by Waterloo. Ok, I am going to leave this as one post. I will probably post again today......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charisma top before borders

Here's another one I worked on this weekend. It will have borders.... I am thinking a rusty brown inner border and then maybe one of the bigger prints from the Charisma line for the outer border. The only trouble is, they are hard to find - well, I should say the ones I like are hard to find. I'll have to keep my eyes open....... :)

Black and white windy day

Black and white windy day by hammskaren
Black and white windy day, a photo by hammskaren on Flickr.

not the greatest picture, but you get the idea! It was really windy when I was trying to take the picture.... I just noticed it's rather blurry and out of focus on the left side.... this one is going to the quilters tomorrow. The backing is black with white polka dots.