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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy Street, again

I got the borders sewn onto my Easy Street Quilt two nights ago, and last night I got the backing pieced.  Here's how it looks --

I must apologize for the poor photo - but it's the middle of winter, so I can't (or won't) take it outside, and I don't get a lot of light in my house.  That, plus the fact that I really have no place to lay it out, except on the bed!  I debated whether or not to add borders.  Usually I prefer my quilts without, but I wanted it to be a little bigger - to fit my queen sized bed for sure.

This will be the backing - it's just kind of folded and in a heap here.

It's cold this morning..... and supposed to be even colder tonight.  I think they have predicted a low of -13 tonight, with wind chills in the 30 below range.  Yikes!  

So, Easy Street is ready to go to the quilter.  And I am happy to have completed it.  I think this is the largest quilt I have made, ever.... or at least in a very long time!  I made a Thimbleberries Quilt back in the 90's that I know is queen-sized.  

Everyone have a great day - stay warm!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easy Street Progress

  I have all my triangle blocks done for Easy Street.  Here are a few of them.  Also, I seemed to have solved my Blogger problem with the photo uploads.  The browser I typically use is Internet Explorer.   I tried Google Chrome, and am able to upload the photos that are saved on my computer from there.  According to what I read, "Google Engineers are aware there is a problem"....... sheesh.....

Friday, January 18, 2013

Doll Quilt Finished and Atomic Dot Quilt

I just finished up a late Christmas present. I know, it is really late! My niece and her husband were in the process of moving from Alaska to Washington right around Christmas. I made this doll quilt for their little girl. I am also sending a doll, and a bed. I should have made clothes for the doll..... I have patterns, but haven't made them yet..... but if I want her to get this before July, I better send it now. I can always send clothes later.......
They are expecting a new baby too....... in about 3 weeks.  Once the baby is born, I'll need to get busy on a quilt.  They don't know what they are having, and I don't want to make a gender neutral quilt, so I will wait. 
Here is the Atomic Dot quilt, all quilted and bound.  I really think this quilt is a lot of fun.  I gave it to my dear DIL for her birthday.  (also late - I'm not doing so well in the "on time" department!)  I first talked about this quilt here. 
I was also going to show pictures of my Easy Street Blocks, but they aren't in my Picasa album like I thought they would be.  Does anyone besides me have issues with Picasa?  It seems to be way too much of a hassle.  I have the photos all saved in "my pictures", but can't seem to get to them with Blogger...... it only gives me options of uploading from this blog, Picasa, phone, webcam, or URL.  I used to be able to just go out and get them from my folders.  Very frustrating!
So, I will work on Easy Street a little more and maybe post some pictures next week! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finished quilt top

Just something quick today to show that I have been busy, just not taking the time to blog about it!  I am off to buy backing fabric for this and another project.  More on that later.  Happy Sunday!