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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doll Beds Finished

Ok, I am tired of the frantic last minute Christmas gift sewing.  I had one more project I wanted to finish, but since I'm going shopping tomorrow anyhow, I'll just see if there isn't something I can buy instead..... There, I said it.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow....

I don't know if any of you have seen this pattern...  it makes the cutest little doll bed out of a 28 quart plastic tote.  Really.  You almost have to see it in person to believe it.  It is perfect for an 18 inch doll - like an American Girl doll.  I bought the  "Our Generation" dolls at Target for 2 of my great nieces.  My intent had always been to make them the bed ensemble.  Well, just like me, I left it until the last minute.  I just finished them up tonight...
The pattern has directions for the entire set - a quilt, dust ruffle, mattress, flat and fitted sheet, and pillow and pillowcase.  The directions are clear, and it is pretty easy.
I would just advise that you not wait until the last minute to make them!
The fitted sheet called for 1/4 inch elastic, something I was sure I had.  I recently "inherited" all of my late mother's sewing supplies, and that's where I ended finding the needed elastic...

I'm thinking this elastic is probably almost as old as I am... and yes, it is still stretchy, and yes, I actually did use it.   I just hope it holds up....but I guess it can always be replaced if it doesn't! 
The doll beds, along with the dolls, and presents for the rest of the family, will be on their way to Colorado shortly.  And I should have given a little thought as to the cost of shipping a large plastic tote........ :)  Oh well, it's Christmas, right?!
 I'm linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easiest pillow ever

Have you seen any of the tutorials out there on making pillows from placemats?  It has to be the easiest way in the world to make a pillow.  There's a tutorial here, and if you do a Google search for "pillow from placemat", you'll get may other tutorials! 

Last year, on the day after Christmas, I purchased these placemats for 50 cents each.
They were put away with all the Christmas decorations, and I kind of forgot about them until this year. So anyhow, all you do is unpick about 3 to 4 inches of the seam and stuff with fiberfill.
I made my son and future daughter-in-law help.  I told them it was Christmas craft time.  Doesn't he look thrilled??  :)

I sewed them back up, and here is the finished product -
I think they turned out really cute!
I will be on the look out for more cute placemats.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kissing Booth

I finished up a baby quilt this week.  It's made with one charm pack of Moda's Kissing Booth, and every random piece of fabric that I thought would work with the charm pack!  Maybe next time I should splurge and buy 2 charm packs...... :) 

I don't have any good pictures of the entire quilt.  It is backed in a brown fabric with polka dots...... didn't get a picture of that either!  Oh well.  I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday.  And I am working on some Christmas presents today - hoping to get them finished soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mystery quilt and a birthday!

So are any of you joining Bonnie Hunter in her latest mystery quilt, Easy Street?  This is my first mystery quilt, and I am really excited to be participating! 
My first blocks are finished... here is a glimpse of a few of them.  I made a few extra..... at last count, I had 198 of them.  We will use 192 of them in the quilt.
If you haven't already started, it's not too late.  Or, you could print off the directions and save them until the holidays are over and you are looking for a new project in January!
On another note, it's my dear husband's birthday today.  And perhaps you know my friend Julie.  It's Tractor Joe's birthday today, too!
In honor of DH's birthday, I tried a new recipe, Apple Cheesecake Crumb Pie.  I found the recipe here.  And it was delicious!
I should have taken a "before" pic.  Oh well.... 

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Bag

I finished a bag this week.  It's for my sister...... a birthday gift.  Her birthday was the 20th, so I'm just a few days late.  Anyhow, I used the quilters grid, which is made by Pellon.  It's basically fusible interfacing, with a grid on it.  I cut 2" squares, and ironed them on the Quilters Grid.  I guess I should have taken some pictures during the process, but I didn't....
I improvised a lot on a pattern I have.  I have made Simplicity 2274 a few times.  It's a nice big duffle-type bag.  You can see it here and here and also here.  Anyhow, I decided I didn't want the bag to be quite so big.  I also wanted it to be sturdier - a little stiffer, I guess.  So, I tried to copy the way Elizabeth Hartman constructed her Weekender bag, but not using that pattern.  Does that make sense?  Anyhow, this is what I came up with.  Not a huge bag, but it should work for overnight.  Oh, and I lined it, too.  And added interior pockets.  I quilted each section, using cotton batting and a heavy weight cotton duck for the backing.  Then there's the lining layer on top of that.  Sorry, no pictures of the lining...
The straps are nice and long..... and I didn't make them out of jute webbing this time.  Just black fabric, with a layer of interfacing.  I really don't like the way the jute webbing smells. 
I'll be sending it off to Colorado soon.
And it's ok..... my sister doesn't read my blog.  :)  I'm not sure she even knows I have one.......
I'm linking it up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Atomic Dot

Yesterday I had to go to Des Moines, for a training session for work.  I left home at 5:30 a.m, as I needed to be there by 9.  I made it in plenty of time - with a little more than a half an hour beforehand to spare.  I guess you never know how traffic will be.  Anyhow, I was done by noon, and decided to stop and do a little shopping on the way home.  I stopped at a great quilt shop, the Quilter's Cupboard in Ankeny.  I have shopped there before, and actually purchased my sewing machine from them at the Des Moines Quilt show a few years ago.  Anyhow the Atomic Dot quilt had been on display at the quilt show.  I decided I need the kit, and bought it.  Last night when I got home, I cut it out and sewed it together.  It couldn't really be any easier.....
Here's the top.  I'm linking it up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday, just because I can!  :)
It will go to the quilter on Monday, and I am hoping to have it back in a few weeks, to give to someone special for their birthday!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Big Finish

I'm always happy when I am able to share finished projects here, and this is a big one.  I believe it was back in July when I was asked to help with a quilt for one of our local churches - to be auctioned off at their bazaar in November.  Well, back then, November seemed so far in the future!  The ladies had already picked out the fabric for the quilt and purchased it, and one of the members had donated some hand-embroidered blocks that her aunt made back in the 30's or 40's.  Julie came up with an idea and drew it out on graph paper for me.  I did the cutting and sewing, and then took it to my local quilt shop.  From there it was sent out to a long-arm quilter.  Well, I just got it back a few days ago, and here it is......
Julie has the perfect spot for taking photos of quilts - especially one this large.  It measures 97"x97".  Works great on a queen-sized bed.
Here you can see some of the details a little better.  The quilter did an amazing job - it's hard to capture all the details in the photo, but she out did herself.  She quilted around the embroidered design with a white or very pale thread, and then quilted pink flowers in the large green squares.
The owner of my favorite local quilt shop donated the batting, and the quilter seems willing to donate her quilting, but I don't think I can let her do that.  It just wouldn't feel right, and I certainly did not expect that.
I am linking this up to Crazy Mom Quilts "Finish It Up Friday".  Just in case the link doesn't work, here it is again:
The quilt is off to the good people of the United Methodist Church.  It will be on display this Sunday - the bazaar is a week from tomorrow.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!  :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Just a quick post here.....  we are catering a wedding today - I don't know if I've ever mentioned that my dh and I do some catering... Julie will be helping us today as well.  Anyhow, I decided that a little wedding gift was in order.
I found the tutorial here.  Since I was just using cotton quilting fabric, I added interfacing and a lining to make the bag a little sturdier.  This bag will include a bottle of wine from an Iowa winery, and not the half bottle that's currently in the bag for the photo..... :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall wall hanging

Last night, I finished the wall hanging I've been working on... 
I was shopping at Hobby Lobby with my sister-in-law last month, and she spied the center panel amongst the fall/Thanksgiving decor there.  I'm not sure what whe was using hers for, but I was pretty sure I needed to have one, too, and the price was right....40% off of $2.99.....whatever that is!  :)  I think it was marked as a "seasonal bandana..."  Hmmm..... not sure what it was intended for, but it felt like 100% cotton to me.
 I had a Moda scrap bag which had  a lot of fallish-looking fabric, and I added a few others from my stash.  I hand-quilted this, and it took a lot longer than I expected.  Oh well, some things can't be rushed!
I did what I would call a "self binding".  The backing fabric was large enough - I trimmed it down to inch larger than the quilt on each side and folded it over to the front for the binding.  I hand sewed this down as well. 
Here it is was hard to get a good picture of it.  I probably should have taken it outside tomorrow.  Oh well...the finished size is 24" wide by 25" long.
I'm linking this up to Crazy Mom Quilt's "Finish it Up Friday"..... just because I can! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday bake sale

Trying to blog from my phone again.  We will see if this works.  I was busy this evening making stuff for a bake sale...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilts for twin baby boys

Earlier this week, I finished up 2 baby boy quilts.

They are for twin boys.  The boys were born back in April - and had to stay in the hospital until late August because they were born so early.  I realized on Monday that I had to get these quilts finished this week, so I could send them along with my son and daughter-in-law this weekend.  It made for one evening of frantic quilting and binding, but I am happy with the way they turned out. 
The fabric is Moda's Max and Whiskers, by Basic Grey.  The red grunge fabric used on the quilt on the left (Arkansas Crossroads pattern found here) is the only fabric I used that is not in the Max and Whiskers line.  I know it's still a Basic Grey fabric - I think in the most recent Christmas line.  (if you wanted to know!) 
I made the zig zag quilt with the tutorial found here.  I made it a little smaller than Nettie's directions, because I didn't want it to be larger than the the Arkansas Crossroads.

and here's the back.....
Quilts should be on their way up north as I'm typing this.... :)
I am linking this finished project up to Crazy Mom Quilt's Finish it up Friday
Also, Iam hoping to have a productive weekend ahead!  :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Quilt Show

Tomorrow, I will be attending AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines.  You can read about it here.  I can hardly wait....... I'm just hoping we don't wake up to

It will be cold enough tonight, so it is a possibility..... More on the quilt show later!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Curtain

Yesterday I made a new curtain for my bathroom window.  The old curtain was so faded and really gross - so bad that I could not bring myself to take a picture of it and post it here.  It went right into the trash can. 

The new curtain is made from a thrifted cotton shower curtain.  A while back, I was on a hunt for vintage sheets.  I do have a bunch saved up, although nothing really neat.  This was something I discovered at a thrift store, among all the sheets. 

I went shopping after I made the curtain - I bought some towels in aqua and also ina that pinky red color.  I also got a new bathmat.  Now I need to get some new things to hang on the wall. 

It's funny how one new thing in a room can make me want to give the entire room a good cleaning!

This bathroom adjoins our bedroom.  I did buy a couple of things for the bedroom, too.  New pillows..... I'll show you those tomorrow.  Seeing the new pillows really makes me want to make a quilt to go with them.....
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch Bag

I made another lunch bag using Ayumi's tutorial over at Pink Penguin.  This is the second one I've made, and I was really happy with it.  If you notice that larger flower on this side - the one with the black center..... it's actually an applique.  Let's just say I put it on to hide a little boo boo.... :) 

I used Insulbrite and quilted the outer layer of the bag.  It's lined in a purple print (trust me, no one will see the lining anyhow), and the "cover" is made of big giant polka dots that coordinate with the flower print.
My dh and I have an anniversary on Monday - October 1st.  It will be our 29th!  The plan is to go do something tomorrow.... probably out to eat. 

I start a new job on Monday.  I am excited and nervous.  I was at my last job for close to 6 years - I worked for an insurance company.  Now I'll be the city clerk of the little town I live in.  No more commuting!  Yippee!!  My last day was Thursday, I had Friday off, and Monday it's on to something new.  Wish me luck on this new venture!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finally - I finished something!

 I finally finished a project!  I've kind of been in a funk - I have been working on stuff, but never would seem to get anything done.  Finally.... this Great Granny Squares Quilt is done!   I first read about it here on Lori's blog.  I've had the blocks made for quite some time, it just took awhile to put it together.
This is my favorite block.
Here's a close-up of one of the blocks, before it was quilted.
And here is the back...... all nice and crinkly.  I had a heck of a time quilting this - my sewing machine was giving me fits.  I machine quilted each of the great granny squares, then did quite a bit of hand-quilting - around each square, and 2 - 3 rows in the borders.  I am just happy it lies flat....... I was afraid it wouldn't.  Lots of bias edges in this quilt - I don't think I'll be rushing to make one anytime again soon!
This is ready for a new baby girl..... she is due to make her arrival in October - the first grandchild for a friend of mine. 
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Stuff

I don't know where August has gone.  I have been working on projects, but nothing is finished.  I'm kind of in a funk... we just moved son #2 back to Tennessee.  He goes to college there, and I'm thinking this should be his last year.  Here is a picture inside his new apartment. 
And here is a picture outside. 

I did go to an auction a few weeks ago.  I didn't get much - I got a cat carrier and this afghan.  It was a blast from the past for me, and the price was right.  I think I paid $7.00 for it, and there were some extras along with it - a bunch of baby clothes that appear to be 40+ years old.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with them, but here's the afghan. 

And here's the cat carrier.... she does like to sit inside of it, but at times on top seems to be better. Silly cat!
I have been working on some quilt blocks - it will be auctioned off at a local church bazaar in November. A friend asked for some help with it. I have 29 blocks done so far - only 20 more to go!

 I was going to write a post last week, but kept getting an error message when I tried to post photos.  I downloaded Picasa and used that today.  It worked, but will take some getting used to.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raggly Owls is finished!

I finished another baby quilt.  I posted a picture of just the top earlier this month.  I finished the quilting over the weekend. 
 The back is pieced with some leftovers from the front- bigger pieces that I had on hand.  I didn't have more than a yard of anything, and had used some of the fabric for previous projects.

 The owls are raw-edged applique.  I had a little trouble machine quilting around them, so I did pick out some of the stitches, and the quilting around the owls is all done by hand.

It's been washed and dried and is all ready for baby Sophie.  I will take it with me to work tomorrow - we are having a baby shower for her. 

One thing I did notice - I had originally just quilted a quarter of an inch on either side of the seams.  In the area around the owls, I hand quilted an "X" on each block.  After washing and drying, the quilt has more of that crinkly look I like in the blocks that have the X's.  Something to remember for future projects!