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Monday, January 2, 2012

Grandma 'Nina to the rescue!

We are having one more Christmas celebration this weekend.  I was glad to have a little extra time to get one more gift done.  It was only a pillowcase, and I had already made one, so I knew it wouldn't take very long. 

Well, Baby Lock had other ideas.  Their slogan of "for the love of sewing" for me has become "O for the love of Pete..."!  Melody needs to go in to be checked over.... her safety device seems to be permamently activated. 

I literally had 3 minutes or less of sewing left to complete the pillowcase.  I was ready to take it over to my friend Julie (find her blog in my "blogs I follow" on the right.  She is Joe Tulips) and have her finish it, when I decided to take old Bernina out and see if she was up to the job.

Here is Grandma 'Nina.  She was purchased by my mom as a new bride in 1955.  She has had her ups and downs over the years.  My mom never sewed a lot - she basically used it for mending, and would occasionally whip up some new kitchen curtains.  Back in the 70's, when my sister and I were in Home Ec, she was put through the mill.  I took her with me when I went to college, as my mom bought a new JC Penney model.  Bernina was always much more of a work horse than any newer model.  She hasn't seen much sewing time at all in past years.  I doubted her abilities.  I actually thought of getting rid of her (gasp!)
Now I am really glad I still have her, and she won't be going anywhere.  Well, maybe she'll go in for a good cleaning and oiling, and a new light bulb.  That's my only complaint - I need to use a flashlight to get her threaded.
She's definitely a keeper!


joe tulips said...

This is funny, well it isn't, but I can picture you with the flashlight and all. What ever became of the lovely JCPenney model?? Always good to have back up!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Those old Berninas are workhorses. They are so reliable but without all of the perks of the new ones. You should never get rid of it.