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Thursday, December 20, 2018

December Projects

I have been busy, working on small projects for Christmas.  I'll share what I can! 
I got this quilt top done, and was hoping it would be a finished quilt by now, but I got distracted by some other projects.  I am planning to hand quilt it, it's not too big, about 40"x 56".  I have it all quilted around the "Noel", and I did keep going, but will need to take a bunch of the quilting out, as it is rather bunched up.  I used Hobbs Heirloom fusible batting, and at first I thought it was working great.  That was until it came loose.  I will need to try and fuse it again, and/or baste it, I suppose.

I had a meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the group of us did a Christmas sock exchange.  Maybe you've seen the idea out there, if not, you can Google it.  Lots of ideas for a game to play and exchange the socks.  Kind of like "dirty Bingo" that we played years ago to exchange white elephant gifts.  Anyhow, I found Frosty the Snowman socks online at Target.  I added my dollar store purchases.  Second photo is Bumpkin, letting me know that my loot passes inspection.

 I also included the mug rug in the photo below.  I have been making lots of mug rugs!
In fact, so many that my finger tips are sore from hand stitching binding....I tend to poke myself with the needle a lot!

I did buy the pattern for the red truck.  It was so cute, I couldn't resist!
I got it on Etsy... it was a PDF instant download.  I got it here.

I also made a few bibs......

Top Rudolph and bottom snowman are for my granddaughter.  The middle 2 I gave to a friend for her 2 grandsons.  They were so fun to make.  I found a free toddler bib pattern online.  The other pattern I already had, and I have used a lot.  This time I made my own bias binding......... (ooohhh fancy!)
Appliques from Shiny Happy World.

Ok, I think that is it for now! I will be babysitting my granddaughter today. She will be 2 next month. I am looking forward to a fun day!