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Friday, December 31, 2010

The final quilt of 2010

As the year winds to a close, I was able to finish one last quilt. Last night, I mentioned to my dh that I just finished the last quilt of 2010, and his comment was, "are you sure?" - implying that I might get another one done before the year was over. Such a funny guy! :)
This is a little rag baby quilt for a co-worker. Her baby girl is due at the end of January. The squares are 5". I didn't actually measure it now, but it is 9 squares across, by 12 squares up and down.
I've been trying to total up the number of quilts I made this year. I don't have an exact count for sure, but I think I made 5 "big" quilts (bed sized) and 14 baby quilts. I also made 18 table runners. There were a few smaller projects too, like notebook covers, hot pads, aprons, burp cloths and bibs....
We'll see if I can keep up this pace in 2011. I'm sure gonna try!
Happy New Year everyone!

1 comment:

joe tulips said...

That is so cute. You could always make a mug mat or mug rug....they are small and you can get it done before the end of the day!!