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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Dream On" is finished!

I finally finished the "Dream On" quilt.  I bought the fabric last fall, at the quilt show in Des Moines.  I actually bought it from the Quilted Forest booth.  The Quilted Forest is a quilt shop in Forest City, Iowa.  I only live about 20 miles from Forest City.  Basically I drove all the way to Des Moines (about 150 miles) to buy the fabric I could have bought from the same people, and would have only driven 20 miles.  Oh well...... the quilt show was a lot of fun... :)  I am looking forward to going again this year..... it happens to fall on my wedding anniversary this year! 
Quilting was done by a long-arm quilter at the Quilted Forest.

Back of "Dream On".  If you wait long enough, the fabric goes on clearance........ that's what I did!

Every time I look at this quilt, I hear Steven Tyler singing (more like wailing, I guess!)"Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams........"

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joe tulips said...

We are getting down to counting weeks before we get to go to the big city and see quilts and fabric and cool stuff! I want more cherry wood scraps. Even if I haven't used any yet! I hope they are there.