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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I think i've become a bag lady....

Ok, so I have discovered that I really like to make bags.  A lot.  They go together quickly, and I am able to get them done in a short amount of time.  Here's the two that I recently made.

This is the other side.  I had 2 quilt blocks left over from the pink and purple log cabin quilts.  I added strips to make the block larger for the front of the bag, and I used the 2nd block for a pocket on the back side of the bag.  I should have positioned the pocket a little lower, and will remember to do that next time!
I lined it with a solid grayish lilac fabric, and I added 2 pockets on the inside.
I made the handles longer on this one - I think there were about 23 inches long.  I had 4 different 2 1/2 inch strips of solid purply fabric.  So, each strap is different.  
I made this bag with the tutorial found here.  I used the insulated batting in this one, rather than interfacing.  I think it's called Insulbrite or something like that. 
In the pink bag, I used fusible fleece to give it more stability.  That stuff works really well, I must say! 


joe tulips said...

The log cabin will be perfect for going to the quilt shows. Each little purchase can be stuffed in and when you can't stuff anymore...time to quit buying stuff.

Or, maybe not, there's always room for one more thing!

Mariella said...

I Can't believe how much you produce!! Great bags. I love the lob cabin bag. Is the other bag an insulated for keeping cold things cold?