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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mug Rug

I made this little mug rug today.  It's a birthday gift for a friend at work. 
 I went to my scrap bag and pulled out blues and browns.  I sewed them to a used Bounce sheet.  Then I cut a scrap of batting and backing, and it was machine quilted in just a few minutes. 

I'll give her this mug to go along with it. 


joe tulips said...

I love love love the way you match the mug rugs to the mugs. It is so cute!

Mariella said...

Oh this is lovely!!! Great rug and great mug....what a great gift idea......I'm finding so many ideas to steal out here in blogland!!!

Mariella said...

So, I got this award from Joe Tulips and then I was asked to pass it 5 other bloggers that I enjoy. I listed your blog because I really like the things you make and think that yours is a great blog. There are (don't cringe) rules. Check my blog if you would like to play along and give out awards of your own.

Vesuviusmama said...

The mug and the rug look wonderful together!