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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beginners Quilt-Along

Although I don't really think of myself as a beginner, I thought it would be fun to participate:
Beginner’s Quilt-Along

I figured the blocks would be fairly easy to make, and if I'm making a block every week, I'd have enough for an entire quilt in no time!  This is my block for Week #1.  Maybe I should have used fabrics that contrasted more.  I'm gonna stick with this one, I guess.  I am about a week behind, and will get Week #2's block done in the next day or two.  I seem to have a lot of "random" fat quarter bundles, and I thought it might be a good way to use one of them up. 

I'm also working on a doll quilt.  My favorite local quilt shop owner has put out a request for doll quilts for 18" dolls.  It was requested of her by the local shelter.  They have started a project - they give all girls that are removed from their homes a doll, clothes for the doll, and a quilt.  I should make some doll clothes as well, but thought I'd start with a quilt. 

I decided it would be a chance to make a tumbler quilt - might as well start small and see how it goes.  I had cut a lot of these small tumblers right after I got the die for my AccuQuilt.  I used a lot of vintage fabric scraps that I had on hand.  I think my 2 favorites are on the left in the photo above - the second fabric from the bottom left hand corner - it's purple with the blue and green flowers, and also the one directly above it. 

I'll be sure and show a picture when it's finished! 


joe tulips said...

The tumbler is too cute for words!! I love it so far. You also reminded me about the doll quilts. Suddenly I am in the mood for a doll quilt or two. I am off to see what I have!

Browndirtcottage said...

Ohhh, your tumbler is great with the vintage scraps. I soooo love the fabrics shades and how you placed them. What a good cause to donate to!