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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Babies, babies, everywhere!

It seems like all I've been sewing lately is baby quilts...
 Baby boy quilt top, made with Moda's Max and Whiskers.  Also need to make one for his twin brother, and then get them quilted and off to their new home in northern Minnesota.
 Baby girl rag quilt, made for baby Kendra, daughter of a co-worker.  I had to re-sew a bunch of the seams, as after it was washed and dried, several of them had opened up.  I've never had this happen before on a rag quilt, but I'm thinking I was a little short in some of the seam allowances.  And while I love the front of this one, I must say the back of it is ugly.  Too ugly to post a picture...... :)
 Owl's on a limb, also for a co-worker, for baby Sophie.  I will be quilting it soon.  I don't think this picture is true to color, the grays are definitely gray in person, and they do not have a purple tint to them. 
My original design.  I will post more pictures after it's quilted.

We are off to Tennessee later this afternoon.  Helping son #2 find an apartment.  Lots of driving, and probably no stopping to look at fabric.  I'm afraid it will be no Hancocks of Paducah this trip.... :(

See you next week!

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barbara woods said...

hi wont-to-bequiltor here those quilt's are beautiful!!!