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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raggly Owls is finished!

I finished another baby quilt.  I posted a picture of just the top earlier this month.  I finished the quilting over the weekend. 
 The back is pieced with some leftovers from the front- bigger pieces that I had on hand.  I didn't have more than a yard of anything, and had used some of the fabric for previous projects.

 The owls are raw-edged applique.  I had a little trouble machine quilting around them, so I did pick out some of the stitches, and the quilting around the owls is all done by hand.

It's been washed and dried and is all ready for baby Sophie.  I will take it with me to work tomorrow - we are having a baby shower for her. 

One thing I did notice - I had originally just quilted a quarter of an inch on either side of the seams.  In the area around the owls, I hand quilted an "X" on each block.  After washing and drying, the quilt has more of that crinkly look I like in the blocks that have the X's.  Something to remember for future projects!  


joe tulips said...

For as much trouble as it gave you, it turned out fine and wonderful...and you learned something in the process! Quilting is you friend for crinkleness.

Jo said...

I see you are a fellow Iowan. What town are you from? I'm from Waucoma in NE Iowa. Our youngest is still in school at Turkey Valley Highschool.