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Monday, June 10, 2013

And One More.....

Bag that is.......
I've been in a bag making mood.  I have other projects (quilts) to finish - they just need binding, but I have been making bags.  When Julie saw this bag, she asked how much time I needed to make another one.  You see, she is leaving on vacation at the end of the week, and I had already been thinking that I should make her a bag for the trip.  
On our last trip to the thrift store, I bought this skirt.
I never intended to wear the skirt (even though it was really pretty) - I just really liked the fabric, and thought I might use it in a quilt.  I pulled fabric from my stash that I thought looked nice with it, and cut a few pieces out of the skirt, too.
And here is the finished bag...
Not to sound like a broken record (see last post), but the pattern can be found here.  I added an exterior pocket to this side, and left the other side without.
The panels were assembled using a "quilt as you go" method.  It is time consuming, but a great way to use up scraps.
I also added 2 interior pockets - one with a zipper, and one without.  I had this fat quarter, and  I was wondering what I would ever use it in!  :)

Julie was pretty excited with the it's time to work on binding!


joe tulips said...

Thank you so much for this bag. It is much fancier than the fabric grocery bags I usually use for packing!
The colors and pockets are perfect. I wonder if I should try to duplicate one of the nice ladies on the pocket when I am at the beach??

Scooquilt said...

This is a very nice bag. The skirt fabric is beautiful.

ipatchandquilt said...

Oh it is just perfect! Loving the colours and fabrics!!!
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