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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Original Mug Rugs

A lot of people are making mug rugs these days, and you would think it's something new.  Not so... (or should I say "sew")...
A couple of weeks months ago, I was cleaning out some things in my dad's house, and came across these...
The original Mug Rugs...... :)
I would guess they are from the 1980's - I remember plastic canvas and yarn crafts being quite popular.  
I was never a big fan of plastic canvas stuff.   My mother-in-law and some other people who were very dear to me used to make a lot of this type of stuff.  My mom never did, so I am assuming that someone gave these to her.  Maybe it was my mother-in-law.  Anyhow, since they are both gone, I will never know.
Anyhow, this is my latest blast from the past!
Seeing these, and thinking about the quilts and other projects I make, makes me wonder if my kids (sons, daughter-in-law, and son #3's fiance') really like the stuff I make for them, or if they are just being nice......


Glinda ♥ said...

How cute! Your kids love your things AND they're being nice :)

joe tulips said...

I am with Glinda on that one. If your stuff lasts 30 years, then, MAYBE, they will be dated and not as cute. But by then they might be retro and back in style!
Love these old mug rugs. What's old is new again.