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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shipped to Alaska

My niece and her husband are expecting their first baby. They are currently living in Alaska. The baby is due in just a couple of weeks. I decided I better get something sent off to them, to welcome the little bundle. Since they don't know what they are having, I tried to keep things as neutral as I could. If they have a girl, I'll have to send some pink things later! The dog bone shaped things are burp cloths!
These are flannel receiving blankets. I know, it's a bad picture! One is a pale green with white stripes, one is green with dots - blue and yellow, I think, and one has a print - green, with some blue and brown.

These are bibs........ I am sending a total of 4 of them. I made 5, but let's just say that one of them had issues.....

This is the back side of the quilt. I machine quilted it myself.

This is close-up of the front.

And here is the whole thing..... I just love the monkey fabric.
If you click on the photos, you'll see them bigger!

1 comment:

joe tulips said...

She will love these. Did you take the pictures before the great southern winds starting blowing? Everything is hanging so nicely!