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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finished projects

The top photo is a table runner I made this past week.  My son and daughter-in-law gave me some pretty fabric squares for Christmas.  This set of them included 50 4" squares.  I thought they would make a cute spring table runner.  I say "son and daughter-in-law" but I'm really quite certain that my son had nothing to do with picking them out....:) I love receiving quilt fabric, and it was a great gift!

The bottom photo is an apron, hot pad and oven mitt I made for a bridal shower gift. The shower is this afternoon - I better get the gift wrapped up and get my clothes changed and out the door soon! I just love the fabric with the blenders. I thought about adding a couple of Marguarita glasses and some Marguarita mix to the gift, but the shower is at a church, and I'm not sure it would be appreciated! :)

The picture below was taken this morning, as a fire burned down the bank in our little town.  So devastating.  We are lucky that no one was hurt, but it is a huge loss for our community.  Fire departments from 3 other towns came to assist our local fire department. 


barbara woods said...

with all the storms glad you are ok

joe tulips said...

They are so much cuter in person!! Good thing that daughter in law knows how to shop!
What a way to wake up this morning! I was thinking about all the photos and personal stuff that was lost in the fire. Holy cow.

Mariella said...

How nice to have a DIL that shops for fabrics for you! They will love the table runner. The shower gift is great too! Oh My DOG I read about that fire and man o man how terrible.