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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stand 'N Stow Bag

A few months ago, on my way to go bridesmaids dress shopping with my future daughter-in-law, her mom, and all the bridesmaids, I stopped at a quilt shop along the way.  One of my purchases that day was the "Stand and Stow" bag pattern by Atkinson Designs.

Fast forward to the week before last, the week I was away at school.  I was thinking about an upcoming bridal shower.  Not for my future daughter-in-law, but for another couple that is getting married.  This seems to be a busy year for weddings!  Anyhow, one of my favorite things about this pattern is that the largest bag will hold a 9x13 inch pan.  How convenient is that?  Especially for taking food to potlucks, etc.  As luck would have it, I did have a chance to go fabric shopping while I was away.  :)  
I also went to Target, and purchased a baking dish that was on the bride's gift registry.  It's not a 9x13, but it is approximately 9" square.
Anyhow, I made the bag today.  The pattern is really well written, very clear directions with pictures to guide you through.  I didn't have to use my seam ripper.... not even once!  :)
Here is the finished bag...
The bag is lined, and a very heavy interfacing (the heaviest I have ever worked with) called Peltex is used, which makes the bag stand up.  The pattern uses a very neat method - it's like you sew channels in the bag and then you cut the Peltex to fit in those channels, and fuse to the lining side.  
I lined it with a light gray/white dot print.  I made the handles in reverse for a little contrast.  
I think I'll find a recipe to include - one that needs to bake in a 9" square pan.  And then I'll include some of the ingredients that aren't perishable.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a picture of it all put together.  

Here it is, one more time....


Chris and David's Podcast said...

This is very neat. I want to see it in person before you give it away!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Nice. I love a bag that stands up!

Carrie P. said...

really nice bag.