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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Pure" Quilt Top

Remember a little over a week ago, when I posted a picture of my new favorite line of fabric? Well, the quilt top is finished, and ready for the quilter!


joe tulips said...

Wonderful!! I can't believe you have a whole top done and it is your blue and browns!!! What wonderful pieced backing are you working on??

Andrea said...

I am over the moon for this fabric line. I orderd a quilt kit and then ordered fabric for another. One is for me (just a throw) and the second will be for my teen-aged niece, as it has a ruffle. I am going to have to make another for nephew for a high school graduation gift, I think. I love the words and the emotions they bring immediately - remembering times of pure excitement, pure joy, pure love, etc. I am using that fabric on the back of each of the quilts so that in years to come we will be reminded of times when they felt those emotions. So glad that I happened upon your blog!