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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Way before Christmas, my youngest son asked me if I could make him an apron.  I found some fabric in a quilt shop back in November, and the plan was to make him an apron and give it to him for Christmas.  Well, other projects took priority, so the apron never got done.  He asked about it again, and I told him I would have it done for Easter.  Of course I put it off again......A few weeks ago, I found more fabric that I thought would make a cute apron.  Since I had already planned to make an apron for Nathan, I decided to make one for his fiance', Amy, as well.
Yesterday morning, the first thing I did was to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut them out.  I had lots to do yesterday, but figured I'd get to it at some point in time.  For me, the worst part is the cutting.  I have made a few aprons with this pattern, and they are very easy to make.
I finished them up after supper last night.  Here there are....... another bad picture, but it is hard to take photos of an apron, unless someone is modeling them... and it is windy out today!
I used Mary Mulari's Favorite Reversible Apron Pattern.  The reverse side is solid black...Both sides have a nice, generous sized pocket in the center.
Well, this photo is even worse, but at least maybe you can get an idea of the other side.
We are leaving soon to spend Easter with Nathan and Amy.  Happy Easter, everyone!


joe tulips said...

This is like my house...nothing would get done if it weren't for the last minute. These are sweet. The wind added character to your aprons.

roadtrip*treasures said...

Neat aprons!